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Lisca di Lago (Lake fishbone)

The fishbone, the part considered residual, is transformed and becomes an unprecedented chip.
A special working process lasting more than 72 hours changes its consistency and gives it an overpowering and particular flavor.
An indescribable crunch!
A revolutionary snack, 100% natural!

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Dried fishbone of Lavarello (Coregonus lavaretus) or Agone (Alosa fallax), Salt, Wild herbs.


Lago di Como.

Tray in protective atmosphere
Shelf Life
120 days
Preservation methods
In fresh place
How to use

Open the bag and munch as an appetizer or use as a crunchy ingredient in bold recipes.

Some ideas

Enjoy the fishbone as an aperitif, dipping it in vegetable creams and mayonnaise.
It also goes well as a finish for fish dishes.

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