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Lake crumbs

Briciole di Lago (“Lake crumbs”): freshwater fish, embellished with salt and wild herbs, lightly smoked and dried.
Curious consistency, lively and enveloping taste.
Excellent flavoring for first courses, soufflés, salads, velvety soups and imaginative recipes.

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Product Code
BRI106 / BRI200

Dehydrated rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss), Sea salt, Aromatic herbs.

Net Weight
50g / 100g

Aquaculture Lombardia, Trentino, Veneto.

Glass jar / PET jar
Shelf Life
18 months
Preservation methods
In fresh place
How to use

Open the jar and add the content to the recipe.

Some ideas
Add the crumbs cold to recipes, or, to get an even more intense flavor, just brown them with a dash of oil and a clove of garlic to add to a spaghetti dish.
To give an aromatic touch to a risotto add the crumbs during the mantecatura.
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