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Our story

Le Specialità Lariane is a family-run business, founded on the shores of Lake Como in 1985 and specialized in the processing of lake fish.

The beginnings

Marco Molli, founder of Le Specialità Lariane, since he was a child, approaches the art of smoking lake fish in an old workshop in Sala Comacina (Lake Como), following the teachings of his master Giuseppe Mostes.

In 1985 he decided to start his own business with his wife Antonella, so “Le Specialità Lariane” was born.

The activity, at the time, was based exclusively on the processing of trout and smoked salmon, the production was dedicated to the small company shop and to large food companies, distributors, restaurants and delicatessens, especially in Milano area.

Choices awarded over time

The artisan production of trout and salmon is accompanied by the experimental processing of local fish, considered at that time a “poor” product.

The choice to enhance the products of the territory is rewarded over time, thanks to the emergence of a new way of thinking and interpreting the kitchen, which combines food with a healthy and natural lifestyle, increasingly encouraging the use of raw materials at km 0 and excellence produced by small artisans of the territory.

Le Specialità Lariane, which has always been a pioneer and supporter of this philosophy, perfects the techniques of processing, preservation and quality control, obtaining an increasingly guaranteed product.

Today, the return to traditions, to the know-how of the past, rewards the old recipes and the innovation of new products.

Our philosophy

Lake Como’s freshwater fish, together with the fruits of its territory, are the starting point of discovery and continuous research.

The ideas come from culture and respect for traditions and the surrounding environment, combined with creativity, knowledge and attention to genuine cuisine and quality, a choice that over time has distinguished and consolidated the company.

The desire to always improve and never stop are the engine of our company.

Create, raise awareness and share with people everything that represents our Lake!

Quality is not enough

We could believe that the validity of a product corresponds to the quality of the raw material used.

True, but that’s not enough. Quality is certainly the first, essential and basic requirement, but in an age like ours we must go further.

The continuous research, the attention to the needs of the customer, the respect for the territory, have led our company for years to an incessant evolution, never to a finish.

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